PaiNteD YoU

Paint me a picture
Of showers soothing the tired bodies
Sudden tunes

Drives unlimited

Fumbling fingers

Rainy hours

Naked Garments

Dripping tits

Open pits

Licking honey

Filled drain
Coiled bodies

Heavy night

Sinked emotions

Swelling wells

    I miss Your voice 

I want you

     I miss your face

I want you

Jumbled emotions

Scrambled caresses

Candling ecstasy

Falling sensuality


Paint me a picture

Of hidden wells that swell with the rainy

Paint me a picture

Of coloured gardens with spring touch

Paint me a picture

Of colourful wings released to fly

Take me a picture

Of parted lips that waits for creamy ice


I lie in wait my delicate fly


Did i?

I didn’t write the poem 

I wanted to write 

You read the poem 

I didn’t write 

On the wall of my heart 

Did i….

Write the poem I wanted to write

Which you read 

On the wall of my heart 
Can I see you?

Who are you?

 It is me

 You who?

 Me, your morning and night poem

 Am no worm 
To creep into you!
©mawuli 2018


Frail images of me in her mirror

She stared at my broken pieces

Picked each up

Patched it together

Only to find herself together in my mirror

  • ©Mawuli 
  • Image:Chand 


Missed the train that led to your home

So I joined the bus that led to your heart

It was a long journey

I thought I will reach each time it stopped

Only to realise I picked the wrong bus

©Mawuli 2018

Image: Chand 

ARt ExiBiTIon

I had the opportunity of passing through an art exhibition opening dubbed “Spectacles Speculations” curated by Kwesi Ohene-Ayeh @ the Ablade-Glover blaxTARLINES Kumasi. (Dept of Painting & Sculpture, KNUST)

This  exhibition is a contemporary art show featuring 14 artists from Ghana, Colombia and Holland who are exploring the concept of image-making in today’s world. 

Part of rhe Artistic statement 

With lecturers (Kissiadu and Kari and a student )
Engaging the space with moving images ….watch our shadows fade besides us!! As we clamour for attention


follow their Facebook page: blaxtarlines kumasi FOR MORE!! 

Check the profile of the artist here!!!


​Silent beams of the lonely night 

Calling for strong touches of feeble arms 

Wrapped in the bosom of the forgotten river 

To bend over and drink of its juicy spring

(C) mawuli 2018

  • Title: Justin’s
  • Image: Chand