The night bell rang
The act was over
Quickly pulled on their naked cloths
Walked into the open and began the
The Next act
Under the glaring eyes of the walls
And the mild light

Poem: Mawuli 2018

Image: Chande



Love muses
Like music
Fused emotions
Scented portions

Fully hidden

Bells of joy

Been missing in action!

So I joined the club

The beautiful journey has began

Grace to run the race of





I look into the heat of the sun
I am cold
Its rays cut deep into my skin
Still cold

Very cold

©Mawuli 2018

Image: Sonu (She is the older sister of Chand)


This night I sink
The images of my life play
Each film strip strike the depths of my heart
I wail
Deeply searching for….. Myself
Yes my self
Me shout
Not for you to hear
Where are you?
Where are you hiding?
Where at all are you?

I stager like a bird with no feathers
The sky above me is all light
But I see only darkness

Each page turns red with
My wasted blood
I bleed my life away

Soothing tunes of hope
Sip gently
Like rays in smoky cloud

©mawuli 2018

Image: The Anomaa

Illusions of a wandering night

Swim in the beauty of her naked flame and fall gently like a satisfied leaf
Undress each paint and join her with your soft drizzle
Touch her chills as you engage and hold her sweet tender warmth

Fill me with your flow

Colour my dots with you
Ginger my night with your wandering illusions
Engage my sleepless night
I become clumsy around your bare moon

©mawuli 2018

Image: Hilena


When your wind blow
I will be there to enjoy it
Entrap it in
In my room
Give your breeze
My time
My energy
When your wind
I will be there to touch

I will be there to taste
To taste its
When your wind blows
My ears
Will listen for its sound
Sound of mournful
When your wind blows
My ears will
Catch a glimpse
Of it
It’s where about

©mawuli 2018

Image: mawuli